Business recruiters use photo of Arizona to market Nevada

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s website features a photo of Arizona as a way to promote Nevada.

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance's website, which encourages businesses to relocate to Southern Nevada, pushes more than just low taxes and utility costs. It aims to sell the valley as a wonderful place to live.

A page on the site asks, “Why Las Vegas?” and outlines the region's cultural offerings, religious institutions, recreation and natural amenities. The natural amenities section highlights Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston and Lake Mead.

Only one problem: The featured photo depicting a beautiful red rock formation was taken in Arizona, not Nevada. It shows a scene from Sedona’s Red Rock Crossing, about 260 miles away from the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Las Vegas.

Oops, LVGEA. And thanks, Arizona, for helping to promote economic development in Southern Nevada.

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