Suncoast security officers sue over alleged unpaid time worked

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Vehicles come and go from the front entrance of the Suncoast Casino, owned by Boyd Gaming.

The Suncoast hotel-casino in Las Vegas has been sued over allegations that security officers weren't paid for all the time they worked.

A suit seeking class-action status was filed Aug. 14 in Clark County District Court.

The suit says that until October 2010, officers were required to attend a 20-minute pre-shift briefing. The suit says they were not paid for that time in violation of state and federal law and are owed overtime for every 20-minute briefing since they were already working more than 40 hours per week.

At least 60 officers may have been affected by the policy, the suit says.

Veteran Las Vegas wage attorney Leon Greenberg, who filed the suit on behalf of the officers, said he didn't know why the alleged nonpaid briefings ended in 2010. He said more than $100,000 could be owed to the officers, though there hasn't yet been an accounting or a precise damage demand.

The suit claims that in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the officers' time records were altered to conceal alleged violations of that act.

A spokesman for Boyd Gaming Corp. of Las Vegas, owner of the Suncoast, says Boyd has a policy of not commenting on pending litigation.



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  1. So you sit on your fat butt for 20 minutes, and expect back pay. Typical lazy "workers" who I fired in the 80's and 90's. I could not stand such loafers. Luckily, they are a dying breed...

  2. Duggan my man. If they are told to to report to muster prior to shift starts they get paid. Or the meet at the hours and the off going shift get's the over time. It's the law. It was created to prevent abuse by management. Wait a minute, you were management.