Caesars says replacement for Cafe Lago will ‘redefine’ Vegas buffets

The Cafe Lago Buffet at Caesars Palace closed Jan. 3, but Caesars officials said Monday, Feb. 27, 2012, that it would be replaced by an operation that would “redefine the traditional Las Vegas buffet.”

The buffet at Caesars Palace may be closed, but resort officials say a new one is on the way.

The Cafe Lago Buffet closed last month.

It had received mixed reviews, about average for Strip buffets by users on Yelp. But Caesars is promising a replacement that will excite foodies.

“These fresh new offerings will redefine the traditional Las Vegas buffet,” Taylor Shields, a spokeswoman for Caesars, said in an email Monday.

Meanwhile, other restaurants at Caesars are filling the voids with additional breakfast and lunch items on their menus.

Lago opened on Sept. 29, 2000, as a cafe, later turned into a buffet and closed Jan. 3. No date has been set for the opening of the replacement.



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  1. I hope not only will the food selections be upgraded and expanded at the new Caesars Palace buffet, but also a change in style regarding customer service. When I went to Cafe Lago last year, the service my party experienced was poor and rude. The line to get into the buffet was extremely long and mismanaged. Everything seemed to be unorganized and not well cared for. Furthermore, the location seemed to be severely understaffed as multiple tables were left dirty well after patrons left the restaurant. Things were so poorly run that my party and I didn't even bother eating. We simply got up and left after spending only 5 minutes in the buffet.

    I will give the new Caesars Palace buffet a try when it opens, but if it ends up being anything like it was before, I will never go again. I hope you're reading this Caesars/Harrah's!

  2. Caesars may think it's an upgrade, but we switched to the Aria a long time ago. The Caesars chain caters to a more mature crowd that wants lots of Soup with few dishes requiring chewing. Didn't know they Closed and I don't care from the Poor service and Average food they had. I was a Diamond Player and upon moving to Las Vegas found the entire chain locally lacking in Customer Service, Comps, and Casino Hosts for the Amount I was Playing. I could Never win or even play a few hours on their Tight Machines. Most of my Out of Town family also has reduced their playing with them and now are comped by Caribbean Casinos with free flights and Ocean Front Rooms. Caesars Corporation is managed by Bean Counters with no Idea of long term relationships in Customer Service.

  3. I've eaten at Cafe Lago several times and always came away thinking it was one of the best buffets on the strip. Yes, the selection was limited, but what they served was quality food, food you could not find elsewhere in a buffet. I certainly hope the new venue does not sacrifice that quality that impressed us before. I mean, what other buffet served escargot???? I can't wait to try the new buffet and hope it opens soon.

  4. People want 5 star food and service, but pay 2 star prices.Get real. It's a buffet.

  5. To "rjgs": My party had the "Buffet of Buffets" pass, so we didn't lose anything other than time by waiting in line and then leaving after only 5 minutes of being inside the dining area. The entire experience left a, pardon the pun, bad taste in my mouth. Even Caesars Palace didn't seem surprised when I posted our experience on Twitter. Instead of trying to rectify the situation, they simply made the excuse that the buffet would be going under renovation soon. That was a little over one year ago.

  6. To those of you who think you can't get quality food and service at a buffet, you're apparently either going to the wrong ones or are just getting the one bad apple server out of the rest. Each time I've gone to both the buffets at Rio, Cravings at The Mirage, and The Buffet at TI, I've had both great food and great service. The "all buffets have bad food and service" argument is simply unfair, in my honest opinion.

  7. i agree with you joe. you can get a good meal at the buffets. i ate at lago once & wouldnt of gone back b/c the size & selection were poor but the food was fine. ate at bellagios' buffet last visit & it never disappoints. where else can get 3 different kind of crab legs in one sitting. and, sorry to say, i did get my $35 worth. i cant do that at a sit down & order place.

    i use to enjoy the aladdins buffet but havent been back since they switched to planet hollywood. i hear its the same but dont know for sure. this trip im going to try the paris buffet. i hear good things but you never know if they have what you like until you try it for yourself.

    hey zack, i dont expect 5 star service at a buffet. im just happy if they pick-up the dirty plates quickly & fill my water glass often. if you want 5 star service go pay $60-150 bucks (per person) for a meal at one of the many 'fancy' places on the strip where they may blow a lot of smoke up your ass but still serve small portions at large prices.

  8. I do not recall Caesars Lago ever serving escargot. Mussels? Yes. Snails? No.