Fertittas buy online gaming company

Brothers Lorenzo, left, and Frank Fertitta shown in this 2008 file photo.

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Fertitta Interactive, the online gambling company established last year by the family who owns Station Casinos, announced it has bought California online gaming company CyberArts Licensing LLC.

The Internet start-up is trying to position itself in front of its competitors in anticipation of online gambling being legalized in the United States.

CyberArts creates Internet and mobile gaming sites for casino operators. The Fertittas hope to parlay their purchase into an online poker site when the federal government approves the activity — a development that many industry observers believe is imminent.

“Fertitta Interactive fully supports the federal regulation of online poker in the United States,” Lorenzo Fertitta said in a statement. “In CyberArts, we found a leader in the development and design of online gaming software with an exemplary track record of regulatory compliance. We will be working on new and innovative products with the goal of ultimately providing consumers with the best online gaming experience in a safe and secure environment.”

Earlier this year, Fertitta Interactive entered into a partnership with Full Tilt Poker. But that alliance could hurt the company since Full Tilt Poker was named in an indictment accusing it of laundering billions of dollars through sham companies to circumvent the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. While CyberArts is based in Oakland, Calif., it has never accepted bets from U.S. customers.

Fertitta Interactive is owned by brothers Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta, owners of Station Casinos, and Tom Breitling and Tim Poster, former owners of the Golden Nugget. The amount the company paid for CyberArts was not disclosed.



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  1. During a recent Subcommittee Hearing in Washington, DC on legalizing online poker it was made clear that any company that has violated the wire act such as Fulltilt Poker and other online poker sites operating outside the US, will not be licensed if the US government legalizes online gambling. This would include Fertitta Interactive!

    Yes, the Fertitta would not received a license to operate an online poker site. This also places Nevada regulators in a precarious situation to pursue an investigation into Nevada casino operators who have partnered with online sites that have violated US law. Such and Harrah's. At least the Fertitta are trying to clean up what they believe will be up hill fight knowing they will be in the cross-hairs of federal regulators if online gambling become law.

    What many people fail to disclose to the consumer is the intrusion that will follow into the person information of businesses and patron to play or operation online poker. The proposed requiremments will have a data base of information land base casino do not have. Such as where you work, voter registration, GPS Location when you log-on to play, banking information, credit information, driver license or a federal ID, and more. Currently at land base casino one can play without show any form of ID as long as winnings or cashouts do excess a set amount.

    In addition, Native Americans are positioning their casinos be first inline, to go online, by using the current government regulatory structure of the IRGA and NIGC.

    In all, adocates and investors of online poker are coming late the the game. In poker speak, it is said, the last one to sit at the table, means your the sucker or the porkchop. At what expense to our current legalized land base casino do we pursue legalizing online poker?

  2. I love America. Only in USA can u declare bankruptcy gain $4b and leave Bankruptcy and buy a video Poker online. Try getting a Marker at one of Stations Casinos with this type of credit. ONLY IN AMERICA!!

  3. Longtimevegan, why would Fertitta Interactive be in violation of the wire act? As far as I know, this CyberArts deal is the first one they've actually inked. The Full Tilt deal was in its infancy, in the due diligence stage when they found out about the fraudulent activities in which FULL TILT was involved.

  4. Guess they used the money they saved from buying back their bankrupt company at pennies on the dollar...what a country we live in - if you know how to play the game...

  5. We will be working on new and innovative products with the goal of ultimately providing consumers with the best online gaming experience in a safe and secure environment."

    Would you trust your confidential information to these guys? The same guys that gouge players, stiff employees and rip off creditors?

  6. JAQUEKENA................................. Don't criticize these wonderful gentlemen. Just because they can hire the best attorneys and get out of repaying $ 4B in debt is nothing to sneer about. They probably go to church and give to the poor .Only in AMERICA!!