New store at Cannery is short on gifts, long on booze

The Cannery will open the Canteen in place of its gift shop on Fourth of July weekend. Cannery customers will be able to use loyalty club points for purchases.

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Cannery Casino & Hotel

2121 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas

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You see them at nearly every casino: the gift shop.

Most have a lot of overpriced snacks, a few displays of logo wear, soft drinks and bottled water.

But a North Las Vegas locals casino will try something different next week when the Cannery opens the Canteen on Fourth of July weekend. Cannery customers will be able to use loyalty club points for purchases.

“It’s going to look like a miniature liquor store,” said Josh Killian, the Cannery’s director of marketing. “Hotel guests can still pick up toothpaste and deodorant and various sundries. But there mainly will be rows and aisles of liquor products.”

Killian said the company is making the move as a convenience to customers, both hotel guests and loyal locals.

“In this current economic environment, we’re looking for ways to better serve our customers and grow our business,” Killian said.

The store will be open Sunday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. Members of the property’s Can Club loyalty card can use points earned from casino play on purchases.

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The Cannery will open the Canteen in place of its gift shop on Fourth of July weekend. Cannery customers will be able to use loyalty club points for purchases.

The Canteen will be located off the Cannery’s valet parking area and customers will be able to park in the valet area to make quick purchases.

The company hopes to capture customers who cash checks at the property, located at Losee and Craig roads, to use the Canteen as a convenience store.

Killian said the Canteen would offer monthly specials, some involving points purchases, others with discounts on popular products for Can Card holders. One of the first specials to be offered will be a six-pack of Budweiser for $3 for Can Club members. There will be a limit of one six-pack purchase per day.

“We weren’t getting what we thought we could be getting out of that space,” he said. “A lot of stuff was staying on the shelf. In some cases, old ideas don’t cut it. Surcharges and resort fees help Strip properties, but we knew we couldn’t do that.”

The company did not disclose how much it invested to transform an existing gift shop into the Canteen, where it redesigned space and installed several new drink coolers.

Killian said the Cannery and the Eastside Cannery are operated independently and a similar concept isn’t contemplated at the Boulder Highway location — yet.

“I’m sure we’ll look at it, but right now, this is something we’re going to try just at the Cannery,” he said. “If it works well, we may try it at the Eastside Cannery.”



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  1. What's so new about it? if you go by "size", the Orleans Gift show also has rows of bottles cooled in the fridge in the back, and almost all other casino has it , too. But, the Orleans also has a liquor store, and they have very competitive prices on the alcoholic beverages but not on the sodas. That's what I noticed. They know exactly that Vegas is in the desert so the people MUST drink and they gotta pay for it.

    When I go there I usually stop by the first Albertsons on the first day of my stay and fill up my trunk with water bottles so I will be ok for the entire stay. I do not pay 2.50 for 15 oz bottle of purified water.

    From Switzerland

  2. The Eastside Cannery is a really clean and nearly smoke free property, I'd go there more often if it wasn't so far away.

  3. Homer

    I was a frequent visitor to the Cannery (loved the buffet) and I cannot believe that it has turned into a "dump" in just a couple of years as you say! Security was always on the ball with the bangers that would "saunter in" (they never got 20ft inside the door!). Maybe you just couldn't win there so your opinion of it is low. It wasn't the BEST place to win but you could do well once in awhile.

    You mention the Rampart. TOTALLY different place than the Cannery. THAT became the place I went to my last 16 months in Vegas. $20 lasted awhile in there!!

    BTW - the Rampart and Cannery are NOT the same owners.

  4. Although the Cannery parent company doesn't own the Rampart, they have been under a management contract with that property.

  5. A Liquor store? Really? Spend a thousand bucks for a bottle of booze? Really?

    Their Clientele has certainly changed downwards over the last year. They have one of the worst buffets in town. They get it ready in the morning and then the food sits and dries out all day.

    Many times the Casino reeked of cheap cigars and I had to leave with so many smokers. I've not been back in six months. I found they offered Poor Comps, Unfriendy Pit Bosses, Poor Club Customer Service, etc....

    I go where I feel Safe, Comfortable and Appreciated - something the Cannery Management seems to know nothing about.