What’s on tap? At Caesars Palace, the answer may surprise you

If you’ve ever sat at a bar, you’ve likely heard people ask, “What’s on tap?”

Ask the bartenders at Caesars Palace, and you’ll hear a menu full of more than craft beer. The resort now sells wine on tap.

It flows at all casino bars and several of the resort's restaurants, including the Bacchanal Buffet and Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill.

The keg wine is marketed as a green and economic alternative to traditional bottled wine and is part of Caesars’ Code Green sustainability program.

Officials say a major benefit of keg wine is its freshness. Once uncorked, wine bottles can sit behind a bar for days, enough time for oxidation to set in and damage the taste.

The barreled wine connects to taps by plastic tubing. Inert gas in the empty spaces of the keg pushes the wine through the tubes and prevents oxidation.

"Caesars Palace is pioneering wine on tap on the Las Vegas Strip,” Caesars Palace Wine Director John Paddon said. “My goal is to provide guests with high-quality and consistent wine at our resort and taking advantage of the wine-on-tap program is an excellent avenue to accomplish this.”

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