Taxicab Authority denies long-hauling appeal, finds no wrongdoing by taxis at nightclub

Taxicab Authority Police stop taxis at a long haul checkpoint near the entrance to the airport tunnel exiting McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on Friday, June 8, 2012.

The Nevada Taxicab Authority met Tuesday in Las Vegas.

The issue: The operators of Déjà vu Showgirls of Las Vegas asked the authority board to discipline cab companies that they said violated state laws by diverting customers to rival nightclubs. The board denied the request.

The vote: 5-0

What it means: Following nearly an hour of testimony, the board determined there was no evidence showing any violations — a citation or a substantiated allegation — had ever occurred when Déjà Vu filed lawsuits against several taxi companies five years ago. The board directed its police force to conduct undercover sting operations to determine if diversion — illegally transporting a customer to a different location after receiving a kickback payment — was occurring within the taxi industry. Some board members alleged that it was occurring with limousine drivers.


The issue: Taxi driver Helmi Mansour appealed a citation for long-hauling a passenger. The board voted to reject the appeal.

The vote: 5-0

What it means: In a rare appeal hearing before the board, Deputy Attorney General Ryan Sunga said Mansour was spotted speeding on Interstate 15 on a trip to McCarran International Airport from the Flamingo. When the driver was cited, the investigating officer also learned that the passenger had not given permission to take the longer route to the airport, resulting in a long-hauling citation. Mansour said the passenger was coerced to make the statement to investigators. Eventually, the speeding citation was dropped, but the long-hauling citation stuck. It was Mansour’s first offense, resulting in a $100 fine.


The issue: Implementation of higher taxi fare for pickups at McCarran International Airport.

The vote: No vote, information item

What it means: Beginning July 1, cab rides from McCarran will cost passengers 20 cents more. The current fee of $1.80 will rise to $2 after Taxicab Authority officials reset meters to the new rate. The McCarran fee goes to the Clark County Department of Aviation budget. A fee is not assessed when passengers are dropped off at the airport.