Strip zip line between Luxor and Excalibur is still a possibility

Blueprint sketches of zip lines that are planned to run between the Luxor and Excalibur.

Remember that proposal to develop four zip lines at Luxor and Excalibur?

It’s still in play — maybe.

Gordon Absher, a spokesman for MGM Resorts International, said the company is awaiting a review of the plan from the Federal Aviation Administration — not because zip-liners could potentially disrupt traffic at McCarran International Airport but because there’s an approved helipad on one of the roofs of the Excalibur.

MGM had to file tentative plans for regulatory approval before it could even begin considering implementing them, Absher said.

The plans call for a zip line from the northeast entrance of Excalibur to run northeast 500 feet to the roof of the pedestrian walkway at the southwest corner of Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. A second line would start at the top of the Luxor and run northeast for 950 feet to the southwest corner of the Excalibur roof. A third line would start on Excalibur’s roof in the southwest corner of the resort and run 340 feet to a platform on the northwest corner of the Luxor’s east tower. A fourth zip line would run 1,440 feet from a platform on the southeast corner of the east Luxor tower to the roof of the tram station for the Excalibur.

But don’t start planning your flight yet. Absher cautioned that even if the FAA gives the zip lines a green light, MGM executives would have to consider whether the project is still viable for the two properties.

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