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Tattoo removal company is all about changing lives

Technician Magdelyn Vasquez-Castro removes a tattoo from the stomach of Brandon Grady at Tattoo Vanish in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

Name of business: Tattoo Vanish Inc. and Professional Permanent Cosmetics

Address: 6879 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite B, Las Vegas

Phone: 463-8506

Tattoo Vanish

Technician Magdelyn Vasquez-Castro removes a tattoo from the stomach of Brandon Grady at Tattoo Vanish in Las Vegas on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Launch slideshow »


Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Owned by: Mary Arnold-Ronish, former dermatology nurse

In business since: 1993

Describe your business.

We offer cosmetic tattooing with permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color and areola restoration post breast cancer reconstruction. We also offer other procedures like skin re-pigmentation and tattoo removal.

In 2006, I created an all-natural non-laser method and products for the safe removal of tattoos. Compared with laser, Tattoo Vanish is less painful and requires fewer treatments, making it at least 50 percent less expensive than laser. Tattoo Vanish removes all colors, whereas laser cannot. Tattoo Vanish is medically sound and cutting-edge technology.

Who are your customers?

Virtually everyone, from women who are tired of applying makeup daily to aging women whose natural features are fading with age to men who want scar camouflage. With Professional Permanent Cosmetics, we give back the beauty, contrast and definition that a client once had.

Tattoo Vanish allows people from all over the world to remove unwanted tattoos. The number of people getting tattoo removal will soon surpass the number of people actually receiving tattoos and become the third-fastest growing industry in the world. We think we have a good product for the pending supply and demand.

What makes your business unique?

We have two unique businesses, Tattoo Vanish and Professional Permanent Cosmetics. We are known as among the best in the country at what we do. Tattoo Vanish is the only company of its kind nationally that uses all-natural products.

What is your business philosophy?

Help people change their lives for the better. When our customers leave our facilities following a procedure, we want them to feel that we have exceeded their expectations.

What’s the most important part of your job?

Keeping it together and ensuring that our team is happy and working in harmony. What we do is so much fun and rewarding. Every day is a new adventure.

What is the hardest part about doing business in Las Vegas?

There is nothing really hard about doing business in Las Vegas. It’s a great city. I have lived here since 1969, so I have seen a lot of changes. If things get tough, I just re-create myself, pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going. I love being in business in Las Vegas.

What is the best part about doing business in Las Vegas?

All the people I have met and the enormous growth I have seen. The past four years have been really tough, but I never give up. You can’t. This is the most exciting city in the world. I choose to look at the glass as half full, not half empty.

What obstacles has your business overcome?

Surviving through the recession. What we do is not a necessity in life. We are not a gas station, a grocery store or a medical center. Marketing and advertising is tough and expensive. Getting our message out on a short budget is a challenge.

How can Nevada improve its business climate?

By providing a financial support system where really small businesses can borrow cash on a short-term basis, especially during a recession. Cash flow is the toughest part of running a small business. The banks don’t help you and trying to make payroll alone can be touch and go.

Maybe the chambers of commerce could put together a program and put part of the membership fees into a big cookie jar to help struggling small businesses? Sometimes, a small, short-term, low-interest loan could save a lot of businesses that are on the verge of drowning.

What have you learned from the recession?

I have learned that things can get really tough. Sometimes I would only take in $2,000 to $3,000 for the entire month. That didn’t even cover the rent, let alone payroll. It has been a tough ride, especially when the banks were bailed out and refused to do anything to help out the little guys. That should have never happened. We have since picked up the pieces and are on the rise and moving forward again.



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  1. What are these people thinking when they get tattoos in the first place? Most are vulgar looking and a distraction. The only statement they make to me is the person has a screw loose - especially women. I know for gang members and criminals tattoos are some kind of symbol, but who wants to be ID'd as a gang member ot criminal, anyhow? This company is doing a lot of folks a great service, in my estimation.